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Our Objectives
Encourage enlightened conversations
Improve understanding;
reduce confusion
Ensure broad client participation and ownership
Sustainable and enduring process
Adaptable to changing business conditions
Transnational application
Rapid deployment
Sound financial framework

Our Vision

Our Management Team

The consulting services of Scenario Architects
are designed to improve the quality, timeliness and resilience of an organization’s decision-making process.  How did this come about?

In the late 1990’s Decision Support Associates, Inc., (DeSA ®) and it's partner, MÅDEC Associates, Inc., began exploring approaches for a generic modeling system to accurately represent the way strategic business systems “work”.  The thinking was that if a generic computer structure could be built, the resulting technology would offer a broad range of businesses an easier, more efficient and reliable way to explore the financial and operational impacts of following different strategies.   Many business leaders and academics have spoken of the need for organizations to improve their ability to perform a strategic function now known as “scenario analysis”, but this type of comprehensive analysis was mainly limited to military applications and a few large companies.   

As a result of a persistent effort, a practical approach was developed.  But, the approach included much more than a computer model; it recognized the importance of linking people, data, technology, presentations, and security into an interactive network.  It was an invention combining the best of business and systems thinking, with a design open to continuous improvement.

The invention is called DeSASim ® - a dynamic computer simulation methodology based upon a generic modeling foundation and systems thinking philosophy.  It conforms to business realities, it's easy to deploy, and it provides comprehensive detail and insight into what makes a business "tick".   It helps those involved with making key decisions to adapt to changing conditions and achieve a mutual understanding of issues that otherwise would lead to confusion.  (Read comments about "Efficient Adaptation" on the right side of this page)  DeSASim is a learning network, a way to focus the experience within and outside an organization on important strategic issues. 

The people responsible for Scenario Architects have considerable experience in commercial and non-profit organizations.  They understand that today's businesses are facing complex situations at a rate that makes well thought-out decisions difficult to achieve.  This reality will only become more challenging.  At a time when having "an edge" is essential for competitive excellence and survival, Scenario Architects aims to provide a sustainable method to regain and maintain that edge.



Efficient Adaptation

" … it is not the most intellectual of the species that survives; it is not the strongest that survives;
but the species that survives is the one that is able best to adapt and adjust to the changing environment in which it finds itself. "

(1)  (Megginson, ‘Lessons from Europe for American Business’, Southwestern Social Science Quarterly (1963) 44(1): 3-13, at p.4.)

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